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Apr 10

What is the one thing that makes many people anxious, confused and often at the same time excited? It’s ‘change’. Life is full of constant changes. Sometimes change can be welcomed and we take it on board whole heartedly and willingly, however, sometimes change can create barriers to what we want in life or change our life in ways that we are not happy with and this can cause much stress and anxiety.

Change can also force us to make important life decisions, life-changing decisions which we may feel ill prepared to make. This can also be disconcerting and stressful. Sometimes, we are forced and expected to change and adapt very quickly to a new situation or way of working, this can often happen in our place of work, for example, if we have a new boss or if there is a big change in the management structure. Change such as this can often make us feel that we have no control over the situation and the way our life is going.

However, change can also be viewed positively if we feel well supported and have time to reflect on what is really important in our lives before making any important life decisions. Being well supported can also help us adapt more quickly and smoothly to new and/or changing environments.

If you feel that you are feeling the effects of constant change in your life at the moment, or are about to go through a big change, such as in your career, then welcome to the a website which will help and support you through the constant changes of life.

The is a friendly, professional, client-centered and Lifestyle Careers coaching website of Jan who is a qualified Careers Advisor and Lifestyle Coach. Jan is passionate about helping people to find their dream job and perfect work-life balance as well as helping them with personal development such as goal setting, time management and decision making. The website has a whole series of articles advising people on how to make life-changing decisions and also how to deal with ‘change’.

Jan also works with employers, recruiters, and organizations to offer advice and guidance on all aspects of careers such as how to write a ‘targeted’ CV, how to perform well in interviews, and how to use social media and networking to find employment . There are also a number of resources such as videos on how to get into different career fields and Jan’s eBook ‘5 Steps to Find a Job in Today’s Job Market’ can be download from her site.

At The Careers & Lifestyle Journal, you will also find advice and guidance on how to make Important Life Decisions and how to make SMART goals, as well as how to Balance Work And Life so that you can take back control of your life and enjoy doing more of things that you enjoy.

So if you feel that you would benefit from impartial careers and lifestyle information, advice and guidance from Jan, visit us at


Jan is a qualified careers adviser and lifestyle coach and works with clients of all ages and career backgrounds on a 1-1 basis and through e-guidance via her website She is passionate about helping individual’s to become more self-aware, and helps them to identify the right career and work-life balance for them which is aligned with their interests, values, skills and talents.

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