Get Expert Advice to Reach your Goals with

Get Expert Advice to Reach your Goals with

Apr 10

Do you find it difficult to balance your social and professional life? Do you feel discontented with your current job? Are you planning a career change but don’t know where to begin? Or are you seeking some expert guidance that will help you to achieve your goals? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then the is the perfect destination for you. The Careers & Lifestyle Journal is a professional, client-centered careers and lifestyle coaching website run by Jan, a qualified careers adviser and lifestyle coach, who is passionate about helping people find their dream job and provides advice and guidance to balance work and life perfectly.

The Careers & Lifestyle Journal website offers a ‘How to get started’ page where you can find many articles on all aspects of careers and in particular, lifestyle careers, as well as information on personal development. If you feel that your life is out of balance or that you want more freedom to do more of the things that you choose, then there are articles offering tips on how to balance work and life. If you are interested in developing the kind of skills that will help you to reach your goals then articles such as ‘How to make SMART goals’ may be just what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a change of direction, a challenge, or want to do something completely different with your life, then articles on ‘Work-life balance: The Open University’ and ‘How to Develop a Portfolio Career’ may help you to succeed. Finally, if you are looking for a job search strategy that really works then there’s plenty of advice and guidance to be found in articles relating to: interview questions, how to write a ‘targeted’ CV, how to use social media and networking to find work.

One of the most common problem areas for many people is how to make major life-changing decisions. Whether it is about changing careers, starting a new business or wanting to relocate to a new place, making major life decisions can be both difficult and risky. It is for this reason that many people freeze, procrastinate and take the safe and easy option and do nothing.

On the website you will find many articles on how to make life-changing decisions. These articles look at the importance of your needs, your values, your interests and your transferable skills and how they influence decision making. There are also articles which give practical advice on different tools which you can use to help you to make major life decisions. Such tools include: using the internet to do research; making a vision board; and using a weighted Pros & Cons list.

So if you’re looking to make major life decisions, want a better career, or are hoping to balance work and life much better, then the Careers & Lifestyle Journal will help you to achieve your goals. Go now to .


Jan is a qualified careers adviser and lifestyle coach and works with clients of all ages and career backgrounds on a 1-1 basis and through e-guidance via her website She is passionate about helping individual’s to become more self-aware, and helps them to identify the right career and work-life balance for them which is aligned with their interests, values, skills and talents.

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