How the Evolution of PABX Systems has Empowered Telecommunication Services?

How the Evolution of PABX Systems has Empowered Telecommunication Services?

Mar 06

PABX system is a common term in telecom service providing industry. Private Automatic Branch Exchange, commonly referred to as PABX is a telephone line switching system which enables the splitting of callers to different lines from the same number. This system redirects all the calls received by the fixed line or mobile phone network to other fixed line or mobile numbers of answers without keeping the line on hold. PABX systems are commonly used in customer service centers and other agencies including government agencies where in more number of calls are received each day. All calls are redirected to extensions by the automated system which enables it to receive further calls on the same number without keeping the line busy.

PABX systems are developed on a cloud based platform which enables companies to use other features presented by the PABX system. One such cloud based PABX system is Telia Centrex. Telia Centrex is one of the leading line switching systems providing various features including mobility for operators by transferring calls to their numbers while on the go. This PABX system compulsorily requires a fixed extension for each operator to transfer calls on.

TeleQ, another call management service product helps the users to schedule calls rather than answering them. This ensures no ringing of phones while offering the callers dedicated time slots to ensure complete solution to their troubles. TeleQ also provides the services of choosing an operator to talk to for the callers which makes them feel comfortable at all times without the hassles of holding the lines. This has proved to be better for telecommunication service providers with more calls scheduled each day and more queries solved.

There are many other PABX service providers and one such leading service provider is Telekompaniet. Telekompaniet provides statistical support along with call-back scheduling feature and integrated voicemail for their clients. FlexiTID, the premium call management product from Telekompaniet provides complete web based support delivering mobility of access to the operators.

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